Pre-Workshop Installation

So that we can make the best use of our time in class, please setup your laptop beforehand.  There are 2 main steps:

(1) Install R

(2) Install RStudio


What if I already have this software installed?

Definitely upgrade by following the instructions below. RStudio and R have are under very active development, and you’ll get the most out of the Workshop if your installation is in sync with the course.


(1) Install R

Go to CRAN website.

In the section “Download and Install R”, choose Windows / Linux / Mac OS X

Note for Windows users:

You only need the base package for this workshop (“Binaries for base distribution”)

Note for Mac OS X users:

You need only the R binary, e.g., R-3.1.0.pkg (latest version)



(2) Install RStudio

Go to the RStudio

Install the appropriate package for your platform

Note: Windows users need Administrator privileges to install RStudio