The Wi-Fi login for the weekend is:
network: Cambridge
password: bd0809


[1] Sunday PyData beginner will be using DataQuest. Sign-up takes just a few clicks, and there is an introductory video by Vik, who is your instructor, and founder of dataquest.

[2] The Saturday Python Intermediate session, which is being lead by Eric Ma, has the following Prerequisite Software:
[A] Anaconda Distribution of Python installed, with Python 3.4, NetworkX, pandas and matplotlib, and Jupyter notebook installed. Python 2.7 users join the tutorial at their own risk.
Anaconda installation instructions are shown at this Github repository. (page down for instructions).
[b] Prerequisite Python: At least some prior exposure and use is strongly recommended: For example being able to decipher a data structure for the variables ’s’ and ‘my_fav_things’, given the following line of code:

[s for s in my_fav_things if s[‘name’] == ‘raindrops on roses’]