Wes Reing

Wes Reing
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Wes has been developing systems that make extensive use of databases for the Last 12 years. He's based systems on SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle in the past. At DataXu he currently uses Greenplum to deliver 100+TB Solutions.MPP Databases allow you use traditional database architectures to implement a parallel database that can span dozens of machines. Unlike Map Reduce and No-SQL systems MPP databases behave like traditional databases in most ways. For example, production systems access it through JDBC drivers, and python users just change their SQLAlchemy config to point to the MPP as though it were a PostgreSQL database. The advantages and disadvantages of the MPP approach will be discussed in abstract; as well as discussing some vendor specific implementations (Greenplum, Redshift, and Vertica).

Big Data, R, and Parallel Computing
Sun AM