Update Monday 9/8, 4:00 pm: Microsoft NERD has emailed me that we can use their Commons space on the 10th/11th floor, and as such we have added extra tickets for the event; and also added a second R Bootcamp session for late Sunday afternoon (3-5:45). For Saturday and Sunday the sessions have been divided between AM (9-12) and PM (now from 1-5 on Sat; 1-5:45 on Sunday). These modular sessions are to allow folks flexibility for attending. I have added a SAT/SUN Pass for all 4 Sessions so only need to select this if you plan to attend both days.

Please note the ticket price is primarily to cover food costs (i.e. coffee, bagels, lunch, afternoon snacks).  Sponsor money is going to cover event costs such as brochures, badges; and social media, caterer and audio/visual personnel.   It would be great if we could have higher-end video production, and perhaps a livestream, and as such I have included a “Donate to Help with VideoRecording” option. EventBrite uses PayPal; however there is an option to enter credit card info. Please use the below embedded EventBrite page, or visit their site for a regular website view. EventBrite Boston Data-Con.



Many Thanks to Our Sponsors