Joe Kambourakis
John Verostek
Session - Time
R Beginner Workshop: The workshop has three main parts: R-Studio, Data Management, and Graphics. R Beginner Workshop
Fri 6-8:30
Joe has been the Lead Data Science Instructor at EMC for over two years. He has taught in eight countries and been interviewed by Japanese and Saudi Arabian media about his expertise in Data Science. He holds a Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Bentley University with a concentration in Business Analytics.John an adjunct at Wentworth Institute teaching both Applied Statistics and Predictive Modeling each of which features R. In 2010, he founded the Boston Predictive Analytics Meetup group, and is an organizer of Boston Data-Con. His day job is as a business strategy and marketing consultant working with startups, corporations, universities, and the federal government. He has an undergrad in Microelectronics Engineering from RIT, MBA in Business Strategy & Marketing from Case Western Reserve University, and studied Business Strategy & Economics at the doctoral level at Boston University. His main research interests are technology commercialization and regional innovation.We will walk through how to use R-Studio for inputting scripts (multiple lines of code), entering code, installing packages and libraries, running a script, looking at data, visualizing output. For "Data Management" we will be inputting data, manipulating data using Vectors, DataFrames -- think Excel Columns (Vectors) and Excel spreadsheet (DataFrame). We will covering some stats along the way, too. We will finish with Graphics including Histograms, Boxplots, and Scatterplots.