Eric MA

Eric Ma
I am a 4th year graduate student in the Runstadler Lab in the Biological Engineering department at MIT, and I study the influenza virus, which is like a self-replicating deck of 8 poker cards. My training has been in Microbiology and Biochemistry. I am a self-taught Pythonista, and I learned Python by reading package documentation and Stack Overflow. From my previous life as an experimental biologist, I pivoted into sequence analysis and Python became the language of my choice. How to formulate a (science) problem and analyze it using Python code

Are you interested in doing analysis but don't know where to start? This tutorial is for you. Python packages & tools (IPython, scikit-learn, NetworkX) are powerful for performing data analysis. However, little is said about formulating the questions and tying these tools together to provide a holistic view of the data. This tutorial will provide you with an introduction on how this can be done.
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