Edmund Jorgensen and Matt Papi

Edmund Jorgensen
Matt Papi
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Matt Papi and Edmund Jorgensen are two thirds of Hut 8 Labs, a small team that helps companies tackle the technical and business challenges that come with growth. They have built, operated, and scaled data processing systems in several industries, and love helping organizations understand the value of their data and data infrastructure within the overall business.Where Data Rubber Meets The Data Road: Some Principles of Data Engineering

"Data Engineering" is a glamorous name for some decidely unglamorous but crucial aspects of any real-world data processing system: getting the data from its myriad sources and in its myriad formats, cleaning up the horrific sludge often found within, moving everything around a bunch of unreliable disks and networks, and--of course--detecting and fixing when things go wrong.

In this talk, we'll present some hard-won principles from our own experience building and operating business-critical data processing systems in production.
Data Engineering