Dag Holmboe

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Mr. Holmboe is the CEO and founder of Klurig Analytics, an analytics company founded in 2010, specializing in text analytics and social media analytics. Mr. Holmboe brings over 20 years of high-tech experience to Klurig Analytics, particularly in the areas of analytics, R&D and operations. An expert in R&D, Mr. Holmboe worked with Thomson Reuters, a global provider of real-time data for the financial industry.Combining R Libraries into Automated Workflows: The power of R is in R’s many libraries. This presentation gives an example of combining R libraries into an automatic workflow that 1) use APIs to access Google Analytics, Princeton University’s WordNet and Twitter for keywords and synonyms. Then 2) perform text analytics and 3) visualization of the findings. The business case is to use Google Analytics’ keywords to find additional keywords from WordNet (lexical database) and Twitter (crowd sourcing) for SEO.Data Science & Engineering